Kaori Faktoria


After months of work, of labor, of bureaucracy and paperwork, cleaning, …. and all that entails creating a new space, that special moment that we have dreamed for so long has arrived.

The Faktoria will open its doors wide open, thus opening the doors of KAORI to the whole world.

It could not be otherwise; All this deserves an opening party!!

And that day has arrived. Do this, that and that. Music, food, drink … everything ready! Once the preparations for the party are made, it only remains to calm the nerves and enjoy the moment.

Thanks to ...

DUO DO PORTU, for the enjoyment of our ears and dance at our feet with your sweet melodies.

ZIGOR DZ for putting your plates and discs spinning giving joy to the street, and also to KOJO for being a technician and leaving us the necessary equipment so that everything is heard of ten.

BEER-TOKI, for teaching us that craft brewing culture, and not letting our throats go thirsty.

ARAMENDIA Pastry, to bring the sweet touch to all the food that the house has prepared us with so much love.

And of course, thanks to all those who in one way or another have supported this project. To the family. To those who day after day accompany us on our way, in our good and bad times.

Yes, it only remains to appease the butterflies of the stomach and enjoy. Let the butterflies fly and we turn this Thursday, September 27, into a day we will never forget.

Kaori Faktoria’s journey is under way.

Thanks to all the traveling companions.