Kaori Faktoria

About Kaori

A little story

They told me that from 2011 to 2014, Lurgi lived in Mexico, and that it was there her creativity came to life. She learnt to play with macramé, and upon her return to the Basque Country, brought her creations to our artisan markets, joining the traditions and craftsmanship of both regions together through her design.

During various trips to Africa between 2015 and 2016, inspired by colorful prints and fabrics, and the rhythm of African drums, the idea for what I would become was conceived. When she returned home, Lurgi bought a sewing machine and I was born: KAORI.

From then, it was the two of us from artisan market to market – but these journeys always needed friends and accomplices, to share and revive our dreams. And Nahikari became our companion in 2018, a listener and an accomplice, when she joined our sewing journey. Thus, KAORI FAKTORIA came to life: my birthplace, our creating ground, a place to where fashion born from the fusion of cultures can be celebrated. Here, I am growing to the rhythm of life, from birth to adolescence, as we expand from accessories to also making clothing.

The doors of our home are always open; it is a meeting place for small artisans like ourselves, an intersection between art and fashion, a place to let our creativity free and let it soar.